Regular length Infinity Scarfwrap all year fabric




Hand selected for softness, this no wrinkle sweater knit washes like a dream. It is wearable all year, even on summer evenings.  In the day during summer, it is great for air conditioning.  Layer over longer sleeves for winter.  Machine wash, cold water,  gentle cycle, toss it into the air fluff setting on the dryer or hang to dry.

The regular size fits size 2 to 2x, the new medium length is the same width but is 5” longer for more coverage over the stomach, and the long length is a generous tunic length and fits size 6 to 3x.

It is designed to cover the upper arms,( for warmth in air conditioning) and the sweater knit fabrics stretch to fit the size of the person.  These luxurious feeling fabrics are hand selected for softness, and don’t wrinkle.

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blue, black, off white, khaki, soft teal, purple, navy, tangerine, maroon, charcoal, variegated grey, white lace, black lace, wheat(summer), aqua(summer), coral(summer), blush pink(summer), navy(summer), mint green(summer), blue stripe(summer), pink stripe(summer), pale green stripe(summer)


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