Medium length Infinity Scarfwrap




The medium length is designer to cover the upper arms for warmth like the regular length, but is cut 5” longer for more direct coverage over the stomach.  It looks great with a dress or as a layer over smooth textured tops, sleeveless or sleeved.  The V neck line and any jewelry draws the eye to the face. It is also long enough to cover the tuch in the back, which many like.  The point should be in the center of the back for the longest coverage.  One could also wear it asymmetrical in the back by placing the seam over the shoulder and this will make the back shorter.  


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black, off white, mocha, khaki, navy, purple, soft teal, tangerine, wine, white lace, black lace, wheat netting(summer), aqua(summer), bright turq(summer), pink(summer), blue stripe(summer), pink stripe(summer), grey variegated


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