Designed for looks, Born to travel

Foldable hats for rain or warmth

Designed for looks, Born to travel
Designed for looks, these foldable, easy to carry hats are are successful color combinations that match people’s coats. Fleece is light and smooth on the head which makes it very hair friendly. Machine wash or dry. They are available in small, medium or large. Our water repellent, wind resistant, non pilling fleece is 200 weight, and includes recycled soda bottles. The hats are foldable, due to our unique construction, and are convenient for rain or warmth.


FLIP HATS Our split brim design is called a flip up because when flipped up, the two colors frame the face. The fabric flower matches the inside color. NOTE: flowers may be removed from the hat with a seam ripper to create a PLAIN HAT, The brim is 3" wide and may be worn down if desired, especially if it is raining. The hat can be worn loose when it is not windy. Pull it down more until it touches the skull bone on the back of the head to tighten the hat as this is the widest part of the head and the hat should stay on if it is windy. We also have a new, smaller 2" size brim that we tested this year that sold out and will be available next year. COLOR COMBINATIONS IN STOCK; beige top,brown rim and rose black rim and rose black top, burgundy rim and rose grey rim and rose red rim and rose periwinkle rim and rose


WASHABLE VELVETS The short brim hats are combinations of color that harmonize well together so we call it color harmony. It is an update on a classic hat that frames the face well. The neutrals go with the coat and the color is next to the face for a pop of color. The velvet does not water spot so it can be worn in the rain or washed, although we recommend washing separately in the gentle cycle. We also have anew, slightly larger brim hat in this style that is available below called "the little flip."


THE LITTLE FLIP This hat is designed to flip up in the front only as there is less fabric in the back to flip. It can also be flipped to the side. Cut slightly longer in the front allows for a small proportioned frame of the face, while catching the sun or the rain, if needed.

Small or Large size Hats

Our hats are available in small, medium or large.  If you don’t know what size your head is choose the medium, as most people who are smaller or larger have had problems with fit in the past and know what to order. Most hats are made in medium.  The flips run slightly large as there is added depth or length in the brim.  Only order the large in the flip if your head is extra large. The small is designed to fit snug and will fit most children under 12.  We refund and exchange.  If you have any questions, the best way to contact is on the contact form.  If you don’t see the hat you want, also contact us as we may have it in stock or could make it between Labor Day and Halloween, when we are mixing up hat combinations.